Beton Technology Srl offers assistance to the construction management on building sites in Italy and abroad.

The Ministerial Decree 14/01/2008 gives a lot of responsibility to the Work Management.

Beton Technology Srl, as an independent body, is able to manage the entire concrete industry, freeing up the construction management of several tasks.


To date, BT is present in several important sites in Italy and abroad and has gained great appreciation for the professionalism and unquestionable decision-making independence.




The role of Beton Technology may be different depending on the case: as CTU or as a consultant as CTP called directly by the owner of the property.

 Among the various activities that BT plays in the field of concrete, also include comparative tests between constituents such as cements and additives.

In such cases, costumers may be both producers of cement and additives, as well as Concrete Plants.
The compatibility between these components is essential to obtain the best performance of the concrete - fresh and hardened state.

Even in these cases, of course, experience and flexibility play a major role. 
The test measure the ability of fluidification, the slump retention, the pumping and the development of low air.

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