mix design in laboratory

Beton Technology uses very rarely the qualifications of concrete mixes with the "batch" laboratory. Especially for one reason: because in most of the cases the experience and knowledge of the individual components allow you to calculate in advance the composition better, so it is normal then move on to the packaging of industrial type. But there are some cases where this approach is not feasible, and therefore we resort to the use of laboratory mixtures with volumes typically between 30 and 100 liters of surrender.
The most frequent situation is when we make works abroad, so is therefore easier and less expensive to try the mixtures in the laboratory. Another common case is where the concrete plant on site is not yet installed, but you still want to proceed to the qualification of the mix design.

Beton Technology has provided a concrete mixer with a capacity of 200 liters, which manufactures the mixtures required. Sometimes, to simulate the conditions of the jet with temperature features similar to those of the current season, the box is moved outside the laboratory, to simulate accurately the behavior of the mixture - and additives particularly - than the surrounding temperature.

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