fresh control on site

Beton Technology Srl has a technical staff available to its customers. 

The tests they carry out on site are not intended to simply pack the specimens. 

Instead, we believe essential , during the preliminary stages, to carry out complete controls on fresh concrete while casting of concrete, using different tools and equipement with which, in a short time of about 30/40 minutes, we evaluate concrete tested as suitable or unsuitable. 
This way of working is very beneficial for both the construction companies and construction management. 
Rather than wait the usual 28 days for assessment of concrete strength with the breaking of the specimens, 40 minutes are sufficient to evaluate if the analyzed concrete is conformed or not.

The cubic specimens thus become no longer the only analyzed parameter, but they take a secondary role in that they constitute only a confirmation of the data collected during the inspection carried out on site.

Moreover, any problems encountered on site, are solved in real time.

Our Technologists / Technicians, present on site, will contact the Concrete Batching Plant supplier and communicate all the possible changes to the provided mix design. 

Playing in advance, you can avoid most of the problems including coring operations or demolition of entire parts of the work, thus avoiding these charges. 

Quality and professionalism is our "corporate philosophy", and that's what we offer and guarantee to our customers every day. 

Quality at 360 °, because every small detail has its importance, each standard must be applied if we want to compete and deal with the best companies in the world. 


In detail, in every inspection carried out in the yard, BetonTechnology performs the following tests / analysis from which we detect the "parameters" of the goodness of the concrete:

  • Air and concrete temperature tests through DIGITAL THERMOMETERS
  • Slump Test through ABRAMS CONE (UNI EN 12350-2)
  • Workability Test through FLOW TABLE TEST (UNI 12350-5)
  • Determination of the water content through a STOVE (UNI 11201:2007)
  • Air content with pressure methods through the POROSIMETER (UNI EN 12350-7)
  • Determination of concrete Density through a standard conteiner (UNI 12350-6)
  • Packaging of cubic specimens with formworks 150x150x150mm and 200x200x200mm, respectively for cube compressive strenght test and waterproofing test (UNI EN 772-1, 12390-4)
  • Packaging of formworks 120x120x360mm for hydraulic shrinkage test or flexural strenght tests (UNI 6555).
  • packaging of cylindrical speciemns through formworks 150x300mm for indirect traction test (brazilian test) (UNI EN 12390-6) or for the statics modulus of elasticity tests (UNI EN 6556)
  • Initial and final setting time test through the NEEDLE PENETROMETER (ASTM C-403)

For self-compacting concrete (SCC) we perform the following tests:

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