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The "spritz beton" (sprayed concrete) are one of the "special" concrete.

They are used above all for the construction of tunnels. In these applications, the concrete is literally "sprinkled" with a high pressure lance.

The concrete must be designed very carefully, using specific products such as accelerators additives, that allow for instant adhesion of concrete when it reaches the target surface.

Beton Technology has many years experience in this type of concrete. Recently (July 2010) has provided advice at the "Galleria Autostrada A12."

In addition, Andrea Terminio participated in campaigns on qualifications and tests in the tunnel at the Laboratory spritz "VSH - Versuch Hagerbach Stollen" to Hagerbach, Canton of St. Gallen (Switzerland), from 1995 to 2000.

Spritz in Galleria A12
Spritz in Galleria A12

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